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About Humanitas Primary Care, Esteban Hennings, MD

Primary Care & Geriatrics located in Las Vegas, NV

Humanitas Primary Care, Esteban Hennings, MD

Humanitas Primary Care, Esteban Hennings, MD, provides superior primary care to patients in Las Vegas, Nevada. Dr. Hennings specializes in internal medicine and geriatrics care. He is trilingual, speaking English, Spanish, and Hungarian. 

At Humanitas Primary Care, Dr. Hennings offers comprehensive primary care services to patients 10 and older in a compassionate environment. 

Dr. Hennings and his team care for patients struggling with dementia, urinary incontinence, gait abnormalities, and fall injuries during comprehensive geriatrics visits.

They treat other injuries, illnesses, anxiety, depression, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and numerous other chronic conditions. 

Other available services include immigration physicals, school physicals, medication management, onsite ultrasound, and women’s health care

Dr. Hennings displays his exceptional training and many years of experience when helping patients. He maintains advanced medical credentials with continuing education and uses the latest advances in internal medicine. 

The staff compassionately welcomes new and existing patients to the practice. Schedule an appointment at Humanitas Primary Care, Esteban Hennings, MD, by phone or request one online today.